In recent years, the government have made drastic changes to exams at GCSE and A-Level and it will no doubt affect your child. Accelerate Learning are here to offer their support.

What’s changed?

In the new English language exam, 20% of the marks are awarded for spelling, punctuation and grammar. This was previously worth 12% of the total marks available which can be the difference between a pass and a fail. Coursework/controlled assessments have been reduced and exams now have more demanding essay-style questions so there is more emphasis on exams and a pressure on students to do well in them due to the weighting that they have. The weighting of the exam is now worth 60% as speaking and listening (which was worth 20%) has now been abandoned.

Regarding  maths, according to the Department for Education (DfE), the new maths syllabus now includes a section on ratio, proportion and rates of change, as well as vectors and conditional probability. Students will need to know key formulae, such as the quadratic formula, sine and cosine rules. The latest legislation has now emphasised that maths becomes a linear as opposed to a modular subject. What this means for your child is that if they do re-sit then they will have to be knowledgeable on all aspects of the subject as opposed to specific modules that they could just have done again should they fail. There is an undeniable pressure on students to pass their exams at the first attempt and the government seem unmovable on the subject. It is imperative then that they take a holistic approach to their studies and gain an understanding of all their modules.

Accelerate Learning and GCSE & A-Level exams

At Accelerate, we appreciate that GCSE & A-Level exams are a stressful time for all students and their families.

Accelerate Learning offers students private tuition on a one to one basis or in groups of up to six. Assisting them to not only get up to speed but also to push on and become fully comfortable with the topics they are studying and the specific exams that they will be taking or re-sitting.

GCSE and A-Level English

Accelerate Learning offers tuition in both strands of the English Curriculum either in the combined English exam or the separate Literature and Language exam and we are fully up to speed with the changes that they government are implementing so students are fully prepared.

At A-Level standard there is more specific support on set texts and styles of writing a persuasive argument as part of coursework. Tutors can also provide excellent support regarding sourcing materials and how to use them within the right context as well as giving exam support.

GCSE and A-Level Science

A new science syllabus at GCSE level was fully implemented in 2013 and Accelerate Learning take the core principles of this and combine it with our cutting edge teaching methods. The new science qualifications at GCSE will be – science; additional science; additional applied science; biology; chemistry and physics.
GCSE and A-Level Maths

Our maths course helps pupils build confidence in using numbers within the context of real life situations. The GCSE maths exam requires you to have an understanding and knowledge of basic maths and how to work with numbers. Our tutors evaluate each individual’s progress and develop course strategies that enhance the learning process by making it fun and engaging for pupils at all levels of ability.


At Accelerate Learning our tuition is very affordable and available for KS3-5 students. You can also use Working Family Tax Credits and Childcare vouchers to supplement the cost of tuition in which you may be entitled to claim up to 70% of the total cost.