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Come July and Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” comes to mind. Kids tend to drop their pencils, discard their books, pick up their beach balls and schedule their day around leisure and free time. School’s out for the summer and the classroom quickly fades to memory…  yet it’s not out forever, never mind completely; September is around the corner and we must be able to think of a word that rhymes, for the 11+ Entrance Examinations are the start of the rest of our lives, and preparation is crucial if our child is to achieve successful entry to their school of choice.

Making the most of the summer holidays is inevitably linked to getting ready for what’s to come, but how? While the academic and social benefits of attending summer courses can be many, investing too much time on them can easily turn out to be counter-productive. With a 92% pass rate, we efficiently cover all aspects of the exam at our 11 plus tuition centre in order to identify gaps in the children’s knowledge and to expose children to the exam conditions that they can expect on the day they take their entrance examinations.

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Continually redeveloped and improved over the past years, our 2-3 day 11+ Intensive Courses in Liverpool have proven to be extremely helpful to both parents and children preparing for 11+ examinations, as our experienced private tutors provide them with a real head start and ensure they have the necessary techniques, skills and confidence to succeed.

By sitting a mock exam in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning in a silent room without any help from staff or tutors, your child will become familiar with the actual exam setting and format. Once marked, general areas of weakness will be collated and we will have tutor-based learning accordingly, along with group activities to cover specific areas of concern.

To boost their chances of passing the 11 plus entrance examinations, we also focus on time management techniques and other hints and tips which will help the children answer each question more efficiently. Likewise, we will provide you with invaluable feedback so you can continue with your child’s preparation following the course.


Next 11 Plus Intensive Courses

Carshalton Centre: 26th-28th July

Liverpool Centre: 26th-27th July

If you would like more information, please email us at info@www.alcentres.co.uk or using this contact us form or call us for a chat on 020 3621 2549 for Carshalton Centre or 0151 203 0115 for Liverpool Centre.