Al the Tiger

We recently opened our Manor Park Centre where we had a visit from Al the Tiger. Al is the Accelerate Learning mascot and we ran a competition for the children to write his back story. The winner is Emily King, from Year 6. You can read her back story below. Well done Emily!

Once there was a boy called Billy who loved tigers so much he drew them very day and pretended he had one. One day he went to visit his cousins, they had 3 pets: 1 lizard and 2 goldfish. He felt really sad he didn’t have a pet at all, Soon they went home, it was 1 o’clock, in a few hours he would be on his way to Accelerate Learning.

He laid on his bed and thought about his mum saying “no tiger!”. Why wasn’t he allowed a tiger?

The a picture of a tiger he was drawn fell off his pin board and landed on his lamp, he was about to pick it top but then it began to glow brighter and brighter! It got so bright he had to shield his eyes…

When he opened them again, standing by his feet was a cute baby tiger. Billy fell onto his knees and began to stroke it. The animal made a soft purr and rubbed it’s neck against Billy’s hand. Billy was so happy, but what if mum was to find out? Billy began to panic, he remembered his mum had said quite clearly “no tiger!”. then he remembered he had Accelerate to go to, the adults who ran this were lovely and he could always trust them to keep a secret. He might have to leave the baby tiger there. Just them he heard mum shout up the stairs “time to go”.

“Ok mom”, Billy shouted, he picked up the baby and slid him into the bag. Gently, he put the bag on his back and tip toed down the stairs. The abby made some faint ‘meow’ sounds but other than that he was rather quiet. The two hopped in the car and drove away. Suddenly the baby tigers paw popped out the side of Billy’s bag, Billy looked down and quickly pushed the paw back into the bag however his quick movement seen by his Mum and she asked “What are you doing?”. Billy looked at his mum and replied “I saw my homework falling out of my bag, so I pushed it back in”, by looking at mum’s face it seemed she bought the story.

When they arrived at Accelerate, Billy’s mum signed him in, gave him a kiss and said good bye leaving Billy and the baby tiger with the staff. Billy went to find Olivia to talk to her about the tiger, when he found her he told her all about how a baby tiger had appeared in his bedroom and how his mum had already told him he was not allowed a tiger in the house. He opened his bag and put the tiger in Olivia’s hands. After a short chat, it was decided that the tiger could live at Accelerate Learning and become a mascot and friend to all the boys and girls. Best of all billy could see the tiger every time he went to class.