English can be one of the most difficult subjects to master. Even for native speakers, English is a complicated language full of inconsistencies. The same words can have double meanings often used in the same sentence, like how a bandage can ‘wound’ around a ‘wound’. Grammar can be confusing too, with some words pluralised simply by an s (like shirt becoming shirts) but others taking on double-es (tooth becomes teeth, not tooths).

Because of its complexity, as well as how important it is for everybody, acquiring a good understanding of the English language from an early age can be very beneficial. English is an important part of the primary school curriculum for precisely this reason. However, the classroom environment can also be a difficult place for primary school students to really get to grips with the English language. An English tutor can actually be far more effective.

In classes with several dozen pupils, you do not have the personal attention of your teacher. This can become problematic when each pupil struggles with different aspects of the language. One student may require help with verbs, others with spelling. Some may need assistance with pronouns, others with syntax. The pace of a class cannot be slowed down to accommodate for one student’s individual requirements some of the time. Nor can it be sped up when you have grasped something that the rest of the class are finding difficulty with.

Even the best classroom teachers find themselves struggling with these limitations. Therefore, primary school students learning English can benefit most from additional one-to-one tuition on top of their usual classroom curriculum. There are several reasons for this. With an English tutor in Liverpool you can go at your own pace. If you find something hard, you can spend an hour trying to understand it. If you find that something is easy, moreover, the tutor can move swiftly on to the next stage. You can also get real-time feedback on your work to ensure you are not making mistakes. This allows the student to learn at a quicker pace than they would in a classroom. The learning is also tailored specifically to the individual.3

An English tutor can be a tremendous asset to children who are in primary school. Pupils who are struggling with the language are given the ability to catch up with their peers by engaging in private tuition, and those who are already competent can quickly soar to the top of their class. They ensure that, no matter what level you are at, you quickly become a master of the English language.

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