The grammar school debate and whether or not its education is superior to your average comprehensive school are very much still present. With a lot of media attention and studies that have investigated this pressing debate, it seems there is both evidence and opinions that favour each side of the argument.

The core argument seems to state that Grammar schools can offer better opportunities for children who attend, over those at a Comprehensive school. We want to take a closer look at this most talked about statement and others that surround the debate, and wonder what do you think?

Do Grammar schools offer better opportunities?

So the question has been asked, time and time again, if in actual fact, grammar schools offer better opportunities in the future for the students who attend. The Independent published an article last year that concluded that they are no more successful than comprehensive schools at getting their pupils into elite universities.

This statement was steeped in evidence and an analysis based on 7,000 people, carried out by the University of Manchester and researchers at the Institute of Education. What should also be noted is that although backed up, this is not conclusive, and the debate is still on-going.

Will this discussion ever be resolved?

Do Grammar schools enable social mobility?

This was believed to be the case for grammar school attendees from years ago, back in the 50s and 60s and seems to be a misconception from both back then and in the present. While social mobility may have been higher during the 50s & 60s, this cannot have been due to a grammar school education, as so few  poor children attended.

What can also be said for poor or disadvantaged children who do attend grammar schools today is that they are under-represented, even those who obtained good grades in primary schools for English, Maths & Science.

A modern take on Grammar & Comprehensive schools

As a neutral perspective, we here at Accelerate recognise that all education can have its positives and drawbacks. One system won’t fit all and it is totally down to the individual. Not all children or pupils will take to Grammar school, just like not everybody will with Comprehensive.

We like to offer one to one tutoring that can cater for a range of needs to improve your child’s education. We believe that one-to-one or small group tutoring can be the best addition to whatever education your child is receiving.

We have trained staff to cater for this, and we ensure all our clients have a plan mapped out from the beginning designed around their best learning styles and the end goal that both you and they want to achieve. No child should be deprived of the ability to succeed, or accelerate. Call 0330 123 4341  today to learn more about each of our styles of tutoring and to book your first session.