In this week’s article, we continue the discussion about the summer loss of learning experienced by all students and how parents feel about this.

There are many parents concerned about the negative impact of long school holidays upon their child’s grades as there have been countless studied (see previous articles) that show that pupils’ grades slide over the summer break.

Pupils who don’t engage in educational activities have been shown to slide further than peers who do continue learning through the holidays (Richardson, 2013).

According to the BBC (Richardson, 2013), in a survey of 1,000 Primary School parents commissioned by, found that more than a quarter plan to hire tutors to avoid the ‘summer slide’ in academic ability.  

The survey also found that families with children in private schools were almost three times as likely to pay for tuition (56% compared to 21% in state schools).

Out of these responses, 27% of parents replied that their primary motive for hiring a private tutor was so that their child could be the ‘best in the class.’

However, the survey found that 35% of parents responded they were unaware their children’s learning could be jeopardised by the holiday.

In recent years, there has been an increase in state schools offering enrichment activities during the summer holidays to help bridge the learning gap that widens over the summer holidays between students who study and students who don’t (Britland, 2013).

Children who typically achieve top grades are those who continue learning throughout holidays and use their time wisely to study ahead or work on their weak areas.

There are studies that show that students who stop studying throughout the summer are at a disadvantage and are more likely to fall behind when they return to school in September. This widens the attainment gap between the most able and least able in a class.

At Accelerate Learning, we believe that the summer holidays are a crucial time to continue learning. We are open as usual and offering additional educational activities so that your child can make the most of their 6 week break and reduce the risk of sliding back academically over the holidays.

Next week we will be discussing advice and strategies for parents to further combat the summer learning loss.


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