As Easter holiday is coming and schools are about to break, you might be wondering whether your child should attend his or her tuition as normal or miss a few lessons in order to relax and enjoy the Easter holiday the most. This is a very common dilemma all parents face regarding their children’s education in every holiday (Christmas, Easter, Summer etc.). Regardless of their year and level at school, all students can benefit a lot from staying in touch with what they have been learning.

To begin with, our students attend tuition only for two or three hours per week on average. When schools break for the holidays, children have a lot of free time to enjoy their holiday and do the things they like the most, so devoting approximately two hours in a week to attend their tuition is not going to make them feel tired or pressured. Not only will these few extra hours not influence the joy of school holiday as they will not take away that much time at all, but they will also help students ‘keep in shape’ regarding their knowledge as well. Based on our experience in education we can tell that when children are away from any kind of activity that stimulates their brain such as actively engaging with their academic learning, they need some extra time to get back on track and progress academically.

Given the aforementioned, we really hope to see you during the Easter holiday, as long as you will not be away of course! We know that your child might complain about your decision to drop him or her for tuition as normally, but we recommend that you discuss with him or her the benefits, especially if your child is doing his or her GCSEs or is old enough to understand why it is good to attend a few hours during the Easter holiday.