One of the keys to our centres’ success is our passport reward system. We have observed that this system really does have a positive impact on our Key Stage 1 and 2 students’ motivation and therefore helps their progress develop.

Each student gets his or her own personal passport when they sign up for tuition at Accelerate Learning. This passport includes all 6 habitable continents of the world: Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America and Africa. The student gets to choose which continent they want to start their learning journey from. Every time they attend an hour of tuition with us, they are able to move to the next country. For example, if a student has two hours of tuition with us he or she will ‘travel’ to the two following countries, marked with ascending numbers. In this way, as students attend their lessons and progress, they get to travel through a whole continent and most importantly collect star points, which are placed in particular countries of each continent. These star points are worth 20 points each and students get a golden 20 point coin when they reach these countries. When they accrue enough points, they are able to buy some prizes from our rewards cabinet.

Another feature of the passport are the extra bonus points in the back of their passports. This is awarded if the child does excellent work in their session or if the child behaves very well. These bonus stars are worth an orange 5 points. Students collect their coins in their personal wallets they are also given when they sign up. They are free to use some or all of their coins to buy prizes from the centre’s prize stand whenever they want.

This reward system is consistent and fair and this is why our students have embraced it ever since the opening of our centres. We strongly believe in the pedagogical and motivational value of such a system and we are happy to be able to provide our students with such an exciting way to track their learning journey.