Class based learning has one major flaw: teachers are not always able to offer individual students the assistance they require. Because they are teaching groups of many people at a time, it can mean that individual pupils are not given assistance with a particular area of their education they are struggling with. This is where one-to-one private tuition can be a incredibly valuable.

Imagine a student who has not quite managed to fully grasp, for instance, a somewhat complicated mathematical theorem that forms an important part of their exam as they prepare to sit their GCSEs. Most pupils may successfully earn edit in the classroom, but there could be individual students for whom the lesson did not make sense.

This is hardly an uncommon scenario in a classroom – one student being a little further behind than his or her colleagues. It often has nothing to do with intelligence, participation or willingness to learn. Instead, it is because children have many different preferred types of learning.

There are four main types of learning according to the VARK model. Some are visual learners and assimilate knowledge better from charts, graphics and presentations. Other students are auditory learners and benefit from reciting information or Q&A style sessions. There are also reading and writing learners and kinetic learners for whom a more hands-on approach may be successful.

In a classroom, one student’s favoured way of being taught will be different from another. It may prevent certain individuals from fully understanding what others in their class have been able to. A kinetic learner might struggle with a lesson that was taught verbally, for instance, and vice versa.

A major advantage of one-to-one tuition is that it can be tailored specifically to each pupil’s style of learning. Private tutors in Liverpool will be able to gauge exactly what method works best for each individual student. They will then be able to apply their lessons in a way that is specific to the pupil’s particular style. There could be practical activities for those that are kinetic learners or demonstrations for those of a more visual style. With private one-to-one tuition from Accelerate Learning, no child is lagging behind because of a preference in learning styles

Teachers cannot provide this type of intimate, bespoke support in a classroom. They would not be expected to delay the rest of their class’s learning to assist one student. Teachers have a duty, after all, to educate the entire classroom. Sometimes they simply have to pick the style of education that is most suitable to the majority of students, even if it means one or two individuals cannot get the knowledge they need. A private tutor will not do this. Their focus is solely on your child and their particular requirements.