In this time and age, we are all members of an ever-changing and complex society. Our society consists of many different races and cultures, each one of which contributes uniquely to the formation of the structures, ethos and values of our ever growing
multicultural social landscape. Our local culture is influenced heavily by people from all over the world coming in to offer new experiences to shape and develop upon our evolving social and national identities. In a world which is rife with discourses of hate and social
ghettoisation, Accelerate Learning Centres are embracing this multicultural approach to learning through employing teachers and educating students from various ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds in order to combat hate and to re-incentivise togetherness for all our students.

One thing is for sure: our students benefit a lot from being a part of such a diverse community as our tuition centres. Children can broaden their horizons when interacting and sharing their views with children and adults from different cultural backgrounds. In the
same way, our tutors can present our students multiple perspectives of the world and this can help them become really open-minded and confident learners through developing their critical thinking. Furthermore, research from 2004 has shown the benefits of
multiculturalism as well. When students are exposed to those of other cultures and races they are better at taking others’ perspectives, more likely to engage in community service activities and have more interest in learning about other cultures (Gurin, Nagda & Lopez; 2004).

Finally, being open to different cultures instead of being afraid of them can help promote unanimity in today’s society. As a company, we actively embrace multiculturalism and want our students to be receptive to different ethnicities as they can benefit both academically and socially from that. Our centres appreciate and value students’ teachers’ varying cultural backgrounds. Instead of fighting with each other and growing the hate in our world, we need to learn to love and to broaden our minds through working and learning together.

As an advocate for multiculturalism in his political movement to abolish apartheid in South Africa, Nelson Mandela, once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’. Throw away the guns. Education is how we move forward together.

References Gurin, P., Nagda, B. R. A., & Lopez, G. E. (2004). The benefits of diversity in education for democratic citizenship. Journal of social issues , 60 (1), 17-34.