Private DCSE one to one tuition

Exam season is upon us with students in their final years in high school sitting the last of their GCSE tests. These tests are the culmination of everything children have been taught in school; the final grades come to represent how much they have achieved in those five years of secondary education. Furthermore, the GCSE examinations are a crucial part of many people’s applications into the working world. Many employers require your son or daughter to have acquired certain grades in subjects relevant to their industry.

If you have a son or daughter in Year 10 of high school, it may seem early to be thinking ahead of the exam season of 2018. After all, the current one is still underway. However, getting prepared as early as possible can ensure your child is equipped with the knowledge they need to face their GCSE exams next year.

Leaving it until the final few weeks and months is very often counterproductive; it can overwhelm students with too much information, induce anxiety and leave a narrow window of time to actually assimilate all the knowledge they need for their exams. It is for this exact same reason that teachers begin the GCSE curriculum a year in advance: it gives students plenty of time to learn what they need to before the exams.

There are many ways that students can prepare for their GCSEs in advance with one to one tuition in Liverpool. Studying relevant textbooks, revising previous work and completing mock examinations are all highly recommended. One of the best ways that you can help a child prepare for their exams, however, is by investing in GCSE tuition. This is essentially additional learning provided by tutors outside of the classroom.

GCSE tuition is valuable for students preparing for next years examination for a myriad of reasons. Instead of having, for example, merely five hours per week of maths tuition in school, which may not be enough for certain pupils for whom the subject is quite difficult, pupils can get accumulate a few additional hours per week of education. This allows students to learn extra parts of the curriculum teachers may not have found time for in the classroom. Tutors can also ensure the subject is not just taught but memorised, understood and put into practice. This means that the learning actually sticks.

The other major benefit of private GCSE tuition in Liverpool is that it is private and one-to-one. This allows a tutor to tailor his or her methods to each particular pupil’s favoured style of learning. Unlike in a classroom environment, if there are parts of the curriculum that a child is struggling with, tutors can slow down the teaching to go through it clearly.  Meanwhile, if there are, on the other hand, parts that a pupil understands, there is no need to waste time dwelling on this for the benefit of other students as would be the case in a classroom.

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