As parents, all we want for our children is the best, whether that in education, social interaction, development and general life opportunities. Specifically within education, ensuring our children get the best possible around is increasingly important.

With schooling systems, curriculums and teachers being very much decided for our children, it can become a slight worry of ours when our children aren’t getting the best at school, and there is nothing we can do to change that.

Have you ever considered private tutoring in Liverpool as a way of taking your children’s education into your own hands, and providing them with the best possible?

Here at Accelerate Learning we offer an environment that is known to propel our client’s education into realms beyond the daily classroom. We have a team of qualified teachers who are qualified to educate up to GCSE level. Our centres are Ofsted registered and all our staff are DBS checked and trained in child safeguarding.

Tailored specifically to your child’s needs

Should you like to look into our Accelerate Learning tutoring services, we offer each child an initial assessment that really looks closely and carefully into exactly what tutoring needs show up. This allows us to determine the best suited service to your child’s needs, while also basing them on you and your sun/daughters educational objectives.

We also offer one to one tuition that can fit right into your already busy schedule and life that balances work, life and having children. We like to offer flexible times that can easily slot into your daily lives, including Saturdays.

Choose your environment

We offer the opportunity for one-to-one tutoring, small group tuition or computer based. We have an input (based on the initial assessment) as well as yourself and your child, on deciding which environment would be best suited to their needs.

Our computer based tuition is delivered in small groups (maximum 6 pupils), blending adaptive learning platforms, bespoke extension materials as well as traditional learning methods to ensure your child’s learning is maximised.

Our small group tuition offers peer interaction as well as individual support, in groups no larger than 6. This small number allows tutors to get to know each pupils learning techniques, rather than handling 25 other children at once. It is a great way to improve interactive skills and confidence as being a part of a group.

And finally our one-to- one tuition is a bespoke session tailored to just your child in a personalised setting of your own home.

Each one of our tutoring services creates a much less constrained and typical environment of a school classroom. We have created an environment that removes these pressures, and rather creates a much more relaxed environment. This we believe makes for a much more successful tutoring session.

Our beliefs

We believe that each and every child deserves equal opportunities in education in all key stages. Education is a core element in our children’s lives and we believe they, as well as you as parents, should have a say and control over the progression of their education.

We offer the three tiered English tutors, Maths tutors and Science tutoring as a way of ensuring there’s a service that is both affordable and achievable for everyone.

Review & Feedback

And finally we like to ensure we offer the correct assessments along the way, usually every 6-12 weeks to monitor progress. This is designed for both ours and your benefit. We understand and appreciate the importance of progressions and therefore ensure we stay on top of this throughout our tutoring.

We can identify key areas that have improved immensely, as well as pick up on areas that haven’t so much, in order to pay more attention to these areas going forward. We will provide you with a report at the end of each term so you can see for yourself how we and your child is doing.

We can guarantee that with the support of our tutors you will see great improvements in your child’s confidence, motivation and performance in test results. This works to continue to motivate them to succeed further on in their education too.

We ensure that only the leading tuition resources from market leading UK publishers are used, and for affordable fees pupils aged 5-15 can subscribe to our on-line learning platforms, right from home.

Read what our tutors, parents and kids say about us and take a closer look into our services, and what we could be doing to improve your children’s education, today!

“Accelerate have exceeded my expectations. They have come to know my daughter very well and been able to work with us in a way that’s right for her. Through this exam prep experience her confidence has soared.”

– Mum of Lizzie, Year 5

“My tutor was easy to talk to and work with. She took a genuine interest in my Maths GCSE and I achieved a higher grade than I was predicted.”

– Robert O’Reilly, Year 9

“Through fifteen years of tutoring experience I have found that teaching in Accelerated Learning Centres is a valuable investment to any child’s education and success, whether preparing for 11+ entrance exams or attaining their levels at school.”

– Steve Davies, Tutor