In the previous article, we discussed the entrance methods to 7 Selective Schools in Merseyside. If you haven’t read this blog post, please click the link below before continuing:

A Guide to Selective 11+ Schools in Merseyside

11+ Exam Components

  • Maths and English are key elements in the majority of the school exams.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning is highly important in several school exams. Blue Coat will award the place to the highest Non-Verbal Reasoning score in a result of a tie. Liverpool College use random banding for an exam that is entirely multiple choice Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • Verbal Reasoning is important for applicants to Belvedere as 10% of applicants are solely accepted on their Verbal Reasoning score.

Our Top 10 Tips

  1. DO your research. You don’t need to wait until your child is in Year 5 before attending Open Days. Starting in Year 4 will give you additional time to consider your child’s options and plan ahead.
  2. DO begin preparation as soon as possible. You don’t want to leave exam practice until the last few months and overload your child. We recommend 12 months minimum to prepare for the exams.
  3. DO give your child a 5-10 minute break each hour. This helps their brain to maintain concentration and retain the maximum amount of information.
  4. DO complete plenty of practice papers. If possible, create an exam-style environment so your child is familiar with the exam process and is less likely to feel nervous on the day.
  5. DO focus on the subjects that your child struggles with. If you find certain areas challenging as a parent, make sure you ask for assistance from teachers or tutors.
  6. DON’T panic about the 11+ exams. An anxious parent will in turn increase anxiety for your child.
  7. DON’T just mark the papers for your child. Allow them to go through their results with you and correct their mistakes so that they understand how they can get the question right next time.
  8. DON’T let your child stay up late to prepare for the exams. Your child needs rest and the brain needs a good night of sleep to perform well.
  9. DON’T restrict your child’s after school activities to exam preparation. Your child needs exercise to keep their body and brain healthy.
  10. DON’T reward your child with sugary snacks and drinks. Provide rewards that boost your child’s motivation without causing their brains and energy levels to crash down later on.

Most importantly, remember that the preparing for the 11+ exams is a ‘process’ and doesn’t happen overnight. Progress may vary over the months that your child is preparing, but even the smallest progress is a step forward in the right direction.

Accelerate Learning aim to support parents and 11+ students to our best ability through the 11+ preparation process.