How Private Tuition Can Give Your Child the Confidence to Exceed Expectations

Every parent wants to do the best for their children, and what could be more important than increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem? There is plenty of evidence to prove that there is a strong link between being confident and being successful. With this in mind, it couldn’t be more vital for any parent to find the best way to encourage their sons and daughters and to instil them with a sense of worth from the earliest age.

So, how can this kind of personal growth be fostered? Schools are working harder than ever before on boosting self-esteem and social skills at the same time as promoting academic learning, however there are only so many hours in the school day. For children who are suffering from low confidence and a lack of self-esteem, classroom input may not be enough to ensure the desired result.

It’s clear that parents have a key role to play in helping their youngsters to come out of their shell, to feel good about themselves and to explore all the possibilities that lie ahead of them. So, how can they achieve this?

Some children naturally have more confidence than others. If your son or daughter is struggling academically or having problems coping in a classroom setting, their emotional well-being and self-confidence can be eroded over time. Private tuition can be a valuable way to build up your child’s self-esteem and confidence in their ability to do their work. With the right private tuition, under-confident learners can turn into students who not only confront challenges that they face head-on, but who also actually enjoy tackling new problems both inside and outside the classroom.

Accelerate Learning can help with this. Offering high-quality private tuition in Liverpool, we can help to give your child the confidence boost they need to excel at school and to embrace any opportunity that comes their way.

One to One Tuition – A Great Confidence Builder

When your child benefits from private English lessons or maths tuition on a one to one basis, they can experience numerous advantages. Although teachers work hard to give each child in their class sufficient attention and a tailored programme of learning, they simply don’t have the time and resources to offer personal one to one tuition on a regular basis.

A private tutor has the chance to do this, getting to know every student as an individual so that bespoke lesson plans can be developed that perfectly suit each child’s weaknesses and strengths, dislikes and preferences. When children can progress at the pace that suits them, and topics can be introduced in a way which they find most appealing, their confidence naturally increases.

No Embarrassment

When students work with a private tutor one-to-one, they are less exposed than in the classroom. There is no embarrassment or fear of failure in front of their peers. If they fail to understand something, they can share their confusion in private to their tutor instead of feeling the pressure to keep up with the rest of the class or staying quiet for fear of being ridiculed. This means that any learning difficulties are able to be dealt with quickly and misunderstandings corrected before they become a major problem and the child flounders, thus losing more confidence.

Previous Failures Become Confidence Boosters

Thanks to one to one tutoring, learning difficulties which could have potentially damaged a child’s confidence may be turned instead into a confidence boost. Students can gain a better understanding of subjects that they previously struggled with and this gives them a sense of true achievement, increasing their self-esteem as a result.

Distractions Are Eliminated

When a child receives individual support and attention through tutoring there are numerous benefits. One of the top advantages is that they are learning in an environment that is free from distractions. Even in the most orderly classroom, there are lots of things that can distract a child from learning.

Poor behaviour of classmates and preferring to chat with friends rather than working are just two of the issues which can prevent students from learning to the full extent of their ability. When you use a private tutor, this isn’t a problem. Children can, instead, develop better concentration skills, learn how they can focus properly and begin to believe that they can achieve.

They also learn self-management skills which boost self-worth as they start to take more ownership over their learning. Without the competitive elements that exist in the modern classroom, tutoring allows students to set personal goals for themselves without any worries about having to keep up with their peers.

Encouraging A Positive Drive Towards Success

Lots of subjects are cumulative, building on things that have already been learned before moving onto another stage. Students who are struggling to cope in the classroom often get left behind in such subjects and this means that they stop trying to succeed. They feel as if giving up is the only option. When a child receives private tuition, the cumulative learning process is turned into a set of achievable and realistic goals. The more your child learns, the more they’ll want to learn. Their ambition and drive to succeed increases as further goals are achieved. This makes learning more enjoyable – the initial step towards excellence in a subject.

Making Learning Fun

Learning in the school classroom often isn’t fun. However, in a one to one tutor session, the strong rapport built up between tutors and tutees together with the lack of unwanted distractions and the tailored lesson plans mean that learning becomes enjoyable for students. Intimate tutorial settings mean that rewards and praise can be given for even the smallest accomplishments – something which simply can’t happen in school – and this makes conquering challenges more enjoyable for your child.

Tutors also have the time to think of exciting and innovative ways for children to learn such as playing educational games, using appropriate learning apps on an iPad or using cross-curricular links to reinforce a subject. By removing the constraints which come with the traditional classroom setting, it’s possible for children to become increasingly involved and engaged with their learning, helping them to learn more rapidly and improving their confidence immeasurably.

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