The summer holidays will provide a much-needed break for many high school students. Now that school has come to an end for six weeks, children will look forward to relaxing days at home, days out with their friends, maybe even a holiday abroad with the family. However, six weeks is a long time, and after this extended break many students will return to school in September having forgotten much of what they learned before the holidays.

It might not be any high school pupil’s idea of a perfect summer afternoon, but small refresher courses during the holidays can ensure your child does not slip behind over the break. This is what is sometimes known as the summer slide. Hiring a maths, English or science tutor to provide weekly one-to-one tuition or small group tuition can be very useful in preventing this from happening. It guarantees that important knowledge is not forgotten, something that is especially significant as Year 10s approach their GCSE exams.

If you are considering doing this as a parent, you certainly would not be alone. A study by The Maths Factor, which was carried out in 2013, found that one in four parents plan to hire private tutors over the summer to guarantee their children do not suffer from the so-called summer slide. They carried out a survey of 1000 parents, 20 per cent of whom hoped that their kids would be at the top of the class in September by scheduling one-to-one or small group tuition over the summer. Almost 70 per cent of the parents said they planned some educational tasks over the six-week break, even if they did not plan on hiring a tutor.

With one-to-one tuition in Liverpool, you will be able to instruct your Accelerate Learning tutor to focus on a certain topic that your child may be struggling with to ensure they do not squander the progress they have made over the summer. Alternatively, small group tuition is available for pupils who may be struggling with one particular subject, allowing them to catch up with where they should be before returning from the six-week holiday.

We can’t promise that your child will be thankful for it, but hiring a tutor over the holidays can be a proactive way of ensuring they don’t fall victim to the summer slide. They will be able to return to school in September with a fresh memory, ready to face what the year ahead has in store for them.