Grammar schools are state-funded selective secondary schools that enrol students based on high performance in 11+ exam.

There are currently 19 grammar schools in London, here is some information on some in the surrounding boroughs of Newham and Redbridge.

Forest School London

The nearest grammar school to our Accelerate Learning Centre in Manor Park is Forest School London. This independent school is located on the edge of Epping Forest, in Snaresbrook, Northeast London, just a 20 minute drive from our tuition centre. There are currently 120 places for boys and girls​, and candidates must have reached the age of 11 before the 1st of September in the year of entry. Their Entrance Examinations​ consist of ​Mathematics and English. The Mathematics examination takes 1 hour and is designed to test Numerical Skill and Reasoning. The English examination takes 1 hour and 15 minutes and is composed of Reading and Comprehension and longer writing tasks. One of the tasks will include creative writing.

The fee structure is as follows; years 7 to 13 pay £5,992​ per term, which applies for 11+ successful entry. For pupils who are children of clergy receive 5% off of basic fees. There are up to 14 scholarships available annually, which include academic scholarships, music scholarships, sport scholarships. These scholarships are available for top performers, who receive 50% off of the termly fee. There is an additional bursary available of a further 50% off for high achievers post 11+ examination, so in this case, there will be no fee.

Contacting Forest School:
Forest School
E17 3PY
T: 020 8520 1744

Ilford County High School

Very close to Forest School lies Ilford County High School, again, a 20 minute drive from our Manor Park centre. Ilford County High School is a selective secondary school with 180 places available for boys only. ​Dates for registration are as follows: for those who wish to start September 2019, registration will open on Tuesday 1 May 2018 ​and will close at 5pm​ on Wednesday 27 June 2018​.

Their Entrance Examination​ consists of a Verbal Ability exam, which tests vocabulary, comprehension, and verbal reasoning, a Numerical Reasoning exam, which tests the ability to solve mathematical problems, and a Non-Verbal Reasoning exam, which tests the ability to see how objects relate to each other.

Contacting Ilford County High School:
Ilford County High School
Fremantle Road
T: 020 8551 6496

Woodford County High School

This independent school for girls lies between two green spaces in Woodford, also a 20 minute drive from Accelerate Manor Park. Woodford County High School is the only selective girls’ school in the London Borough of Redbridge. Currently Woodford County High School has places for 115-120 girls only ​who live in a designated area and perform extremely well in 11+ exams. Please note: Woodford County High School is a Community School and all matters relating admissions in Year 7 – 11 are handled by the Redbridge Admissions Office​.

Entrance Examination:

CEM 11+– Verbal Reasoning,
Non-Verbal Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning

Contacting Woodford County High School:

Woodford County High School
High Road,
Woodford Green,
T: ​020 8504 0611

Contacting Redbridge Admissions Office:

For secondary transfer: 0208 708 3139
For all other year groups: 020 8708 3129