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Our English tutors in Liverpool have been professionally trained to develop each child’s ability to read and understand a variety of texts.

Private English Tutors in Liverpool

Private English tutoring brings noticeable improvements in a child’s confidence and enjoyment of reading. Consequently, this stands them in great stead for the rest of their education as their English skills become a stable platform for many other subjects. Our English tutors love the subject, and they also love helping students enjoy reading & writing. To find out more about our private english tutors in Liverpool, please call our team today on 0151 203 0115 and we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and arrange a Free trial.

What our English tutors in Liverpool have to offer

Each child’s starting point will be different as they enter our English tutoring course. We will start with an initial assessment which helps us get an insight into your child’s specific areas for improvement.

Our English tutors in Liverpool can concentrate on these specific areas in order to strengthen them, creating a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding to build from. The English tutors programme spans the whole national curriculum at all key stages. Depending on the key stage of your child, our English programme can begin with basic sentence building and spelling through to critiquing advanced texts.

During your child’s tuition with Accelerate Learning they will cover all areas they are expected to study in school no matter your child’s initial understanding or strength, so that their ability is enhanced which in turn will increase their confidence and overall performance.

We will assess progress with termly tests which is also good practice and preparation for any school assessments they have coming up.

We use the most up to date English curriculum resources and online learning technology from market leading educational companies.

Accelerate have exceeded my expectations. They have come to know my daughter very well and been able to work with us in a way that’s right for her. Through this exam prep experience her confidence has soared. She feels listened to and understood. She’s not afraid of asking for help because she knows she will get it in a way she can understand. Combining classes and practice sessions have also allowed us to track her progress in a considered way and address areas of difficulty in a realistic.

Mum of Lizzie, Year 5

  • 11 +, SATs, GCSE and A Level preparation
  • All key stages in the national curriculum
  • Termly mock exams for future assessments
  • Improved grades and motivation

Did you know?
You can use Childcare Vouchers and Working Family Tax Credits to help

All about our fees
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Free assessment

  • Free assessment can only be used in our small group tuition.
  • Only one free assessment can be booked for a pupil in a 12 month period.
  • If you book a free assessment and need to make a change we can only allow one change of date/time and this must be done at least 24 hours before your scheduled assessment. Any changes made less than 24 hours will incur a £20 admin fee.
  • Free assessment is done on a no obligation basis.
  • A more in depth assessment is offered at £50 per subject
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