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GCSEs are one of the most stressful and difficult assessment periods in education that students face, and so this key stage, more than any, can benefit from tailored tuition.

GCSE Private Tuition Liverpool

Should your child need tuition in just one module or aspect of a subject, or help with the whole topic, tutoring can work on these areas to ensure satisfactory and deserving GCSE results.

What our GCSE tuition has to offer

Our tutors are specially qualified to offer subject knowledge in one specific or a range of subjects and are sure to effectively address your child’s needs helping them improve their overall progress in school and exam performance.

We believe that with great subject knowledge, confidence, good revision practices and the right exam techniques your child can achieve great results. We can take care of each of these areas.

Subject knowledge can be improved tremendously by spending the dedicated time on any elements or modules your child is less confident in.

With subject knowledge comes the confidence, as it does with fine tuning revision and exam techniques. The approach is similar to a domino effect – when one thing is improved this automatically leads on to the next. This can be achieved without the pressure of a conventional classroom, which makes the learning experience much more fluid and effective.

We carry out an initial assessment to identify areas that require improvement and will sit down with you to map out a learning plan with your child’s needs and goals at the centre of it. Our well established tutors are highly experienced and reliable and can offer their support and expertise in the required areas for improvement.

Accelerate have exceeded my expectations. They have come to know my daughter very well and been able to work with us in a way that’s right for her. Through this exam prep experience her confidence has soared. She feels listened to and understood. She’s not afraid of asking for help because she knows she will get it in a way she can understand. Combining classes and practice sessions have also allowed us to track her progress in a considered way and address areas of difficulty in a realistic.

Mum of Lizzie, Year 5

Tutor and Students One to One Tuition Student Enjoying Tuition

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Free assessment

  • Free assessment can only be used in our small group tuition.
  • Only one free assessment can be booked for a pupil in a 12 month period.
  • If you book a free assessment and need to make a change we can only allow one change of date/time and this must be done at least 24 hours before your scheduled assessment. Any changes made less than 24 hours will incur a £20 admin fee.
  • Free assessment is done on a no obligation basis.
  • A more in depth assessment is offered at £50 per subject
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