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World War 1 Diary Entry


Trench Life


1st Week in trench


I hate it here in the trench. It’s terrible! You know what the worst bit is? It isn’t even the rats or the life or even the lack of edible food and drink. It’s the fact people call me Charles not Charlie. I try to tell them it’s my birth name but because I’m 16 they don’t listen. Ever!


They act as if I’m an absolute stupid idiotic 3 year old. Why does there have to be a war between us and the Germans? They hate us so much they started a war. At least I think they did. Still, the British are always really competitive and want to win so much to have their country, they are even recruiting 14 year olds. They’re only just teens!


More about the trenches, although it’s a place to stay, to be truthful, it’s almost as bad as living on the streets. Yes I do mean it!


Why me?

2nd week in trench


We have officially run out of food, mostly because of the stinky, grey rats that should go to rodent jail. They’re robbers. I mean it!

Bang! Crash!

Wait! What was that? I’ll go see.


5 minutes later (out of breath)

It was a gunshot. I didn’t realize that this was a real, scary, dangerous war. Some people could die and I’ve got to defend my country.


Later on


The Germans and their allies marched forward in their tanks. I’m scared about this but I am going to try my best to beat the Germans and their allies.

Then, suddenly the Germans loudly shouted “Merry Christmas! Fancy a game?”

I am like, “what is going on?”

Then we start playing a football game, England vs Germany in the middle of a war!

You know what? We shook hands at the end and I wondered if maybe in the future they will make a statue of this and put it in a bombed out Church saying ‘Christmas is over! Back to war. See you later!’