Creative writing is a fantastic way for students as a way of self -expression through their imagination. Recently one of our students Brian impressed the whole team here at Accelerate with one of his creative writing pieces. We thought we would share his brilliant story with you all!

It was a sunny day, not a cloud in the vast blue sky as John Johnson strode along the faded pavement, to his job at Sunrise Inc. There were not many people out this early. The majestic skyscrapers rose out of their concrete bases. John Johnson selected one and entered the gleaming glass doors to the building that housed the company that employed him.

John carelessly plopped down at his adequately sized, clean and uncluttered desk. Refreshed from his brisk walk to work, he was ready to start the day. He logged onto his state of the art computer and started to sort the sales for Sunrise Inc.’s new product, the Xmobile.

The Xmobile, though with an unimaginative name, was surely the most popular mobile phone on the market since it appeared last month. It offered the same power and ease of use as its competitors, but at a fraction of the price. It was truly a revolutionary device and its seller, Sunrise Inc, was making huge profits. This was benefiting everyone within the business, including John Johnson.

As John’s day moved on, he got more and more excited about the sales. And when he had finally added them all up, he exclaimed in surprise and excitement: “Just over 600-million-pound sterling profit! In only a fortnight! What joy! I must tell the Chairman!”

The Chairman. Hardly anyone knew who he was. An even smaller amount of people had ever seen him. There had been vague descriptions of him – old, grey hair, solid and stocky – but he had remained a dark silhouette to most people.

John Johnson dashed out of the office. There was an excited grin on his face and a spring in his step as he practically skipped the long journey to the Chairman’s office. He knocked into a scowling portly man, built like a bulldog, with pods of sweat under his arms.

“Oi!” the man yelled, “watch it!” “Honestly, these days,” he muttered, “people get too excited about jobs.” John was too excited to notice as he ran towards the Chairman’s office. It might have entered his mind to knock on the heavy old oak door that seemed out of place in this modern building but John was too thrilled to care.

John Johnson slammed into the door and burst into a large room. The Chairman’s office. Only then did John remember the dreaded rule, “Knock on the Chairman’s door.” And the smile on his face instantly faltered.

The Chairman and a man sat opposite each other, staring suprisedly at John in the doorway, obviously in shock. Curiously, another man was lying on the ground but his eyes looked nowhere and there was a hole in his forehead with a thick red liquid oozing out of it. Blood.

After what had seemed an eternity, the Chairman beckoned John, “Come here Johnson, sit down; what is it?” John Johnson was terrified. His skin crawled at the sight of the dead body. But the Chairman sounded kind and welcoming. Unwillingly, John sat down on an unoccupied seat. He blurted, “Sir, I’ve just calculated the profit for the company’s new product.” “As if that mattered” John thought. The Chairman took the paper out of John’s hands and exclaimed as he read the paper amusingly, “Oh well! What a large profit!” He crumpled up the paper and dropped it onto the blood-soaked carpet. “Oh well Johnson, let me introduce you to my old friend, Fadi Al Razim.” Fadi sat in the chair, like a disinterested onlooker. He said nothing.

Now John Johnson recognised him. Fadi had been on the news. He was a wanted criminal and was active in the areas of drugs, smuggling, kidnapping, and hijacking vehicles such as cruise ships, oil tankers and commercial planes. And of course, the worst crime of them all John thought.

“Slave run mines” the Chairman announced, as if he was reading John’s mind. “Fadi here supplies most of the resources for the manufacture of the Xmobile. That’s why it’s so cheap.”

John was too stunned to speak as his mind chugged away sluggishly at the fearsome facts. The Xmobile, supported by a slave mine. The Chairman, working hand in hand with an international criminal, and finally that explained the dead body on the floor.

“Oh well, Johnson,” the Chairman broke the silence, “You’ve seen too much. It’s time to dispose of you.” The Chairman took out a small pistol and glanced at the corpse on the floor. “A troublesome financial partner he was. Now he is nothing. You’ll have the same ending.” John Johnson went rigid with fear. He closed his eyes and braced himself for the rush of pain after he had been shot.

“No, wait!”  Fadi exclaimed. He had been silent the whole time but he had suddenly piped up. “If you’re gonna shoot the man, you might as well give him to me. I’ll put him in a slave mine and I assure you, he’ll never be heard of again.” “Not a bad idea when I think of it” replied the Chairman. “Good work Fadi.” Fadi smiled unpleasantly and told John, “Prepare for your descent into your doom! Ha!” John Johnson made no response.

The Chairman leapt up energetically and punched John Johnson solidly in the face, knocking him cold. John Johnson only had time to scream loudly before the darkness engulfed him. There was a rush of pan then a deafening silence.