Accelerate Learning Centres offer quality tuition, but we understand that this vital element of your child’s education should be affordable . For that reason, we have many schemes in place to make tuition fees as convenient as possible for all to access.

The discounts Accelerate Learning Centres have, include:

  • 10% sibling discount
  • Refer a friend and once they sign up you receive £5 off your monthly bill
  • Bonus : FREE initial assessment on up to 3 subjects with detailed feedback and
  • Bonus : FREE Accelerate starter pack when you sign up on the day of given feedback, which includes a bag, folder, pencil case with stationery and a bottle. We also offer a bonus points scheme which means your child can work towards prizes with every tuition session.
  • Save on other childcare with Kids’ Club, which comes free with tuition.

As we are Ofsted registered, there is help available with childcare which includes:

  • Universal Credit (can help with up to 85% of your monthly fee)
  • Working Tax Credits (can help with up to 70% of your monthly fee)
  • We also accept Childcare Vouchers!

We are more than happy to discuss discount and payment plans with you in centre, and try our best to make the quality service as accessible as possible to every family.