How we work

Our team of experts have established a tuition service that is sure to deliver the results you seek.

An initial consultation will assess your child’s academic abilities; our centre manager will then discuss the goals you desire and advise you on which service best suits your child.

Under the supervision of our experienced tutors, pupils will work free from the pressure they may feel in traditional learning environments ensuring your child sees positive results immediately.

Through the dedication and commitment of our experts, the Accelerate Learning process has successfully ensured countless parents are satisfied that their child has achieved the desired academic results initially discussed.

It is for this reason 96% of our parents recommend the service we provide.



We start with an initial consultation and assessment to identify your child’s academic abilities. At Accelerate we use the most current and relevant assessment tools and give you the option of either a low touch or in-depth assessment.



The assessment process provides a comprehensive and collaborative foundation from which we will suggest a tuition service that best suits your child’s academic abilities and the results you seek. Your centre manager will select a tutor to fit with your child’s learning style, personality and academic needs, or alternatively, your child will be matched to a small group (maximum 6) with children of a similar age and ability.



Tuition sessions are either one or two hour lessons tailored to the results established from the assessment and the discussions with you.

Our personalized tuition means your child’s learning plan and every activity chosen
revolves around your child’s needs and agreed goals. Homework support is provided during each session and the students are encouraged to always ask questions which will help them learn more effectively.



Each tuition sessions has a built-in assessment element allowing pupils and tutors to gauge understanding and intervene at every step, and feedback will be given to you whenever it is relevant.

Formative and summative assessments will be carried out every 6-12 weeks, respectively, and the centre manager will provide you with an assessment report at the end of every term.



At Accelerate Learning we strive to provide tuition of the highest calibre, coupled with a positive and friendly service to ensure both students and parents are delighted.