Small Group Tuition


The Service

Individual support and peer interaction

At Accelerate Learning, our small group setting (maximum of 6 pupils) means students are able to enjoy the benefits of peer interaction and individual support.

Constantly refined learning plans and regular assessments

Weekly lessons will be prepared so the tutor can help you and your child balance short term goals (i.e. revision tests) with longer term goals such as passing an important entrance exam. Progress is measured by a standard assessment process.

Independent learning habits

Our goal is to ensure our students become confident and independent learners. We will help to instil in your child a passion for learning and their subject that will improve academic performance throughout their entire education.

The Tutors

At Accelerate Learning we select only the most dedicated, versatile and effective tutors; all of our tutors hold a teaching qualification, have completed the essential background checks, and have successfully completed the specialist tutoring training we provide.

Accelerate tutors benefit from continuous training and development workshops which ensure the quality of the teaching remains of a highest standard. As well as this, lessons are regularly monitored through our standard performance surveys and parents are always provided feedback.


The Benefits

Improved grades and increased confidence & motivation 

With the support of our tutors, the improvements in your child’s confidence, performance and test results will increase their motivation to constantly endeavour for success in their studies.

 Top quality resources

Accelerate Learning Centres use the most current tuition resources from market leading UK publishers.

 Home access to on-line learning platform

For an affordable fee, Accelerate pupils aged 5-15 can subscribe for home access to our market leading on-line learning platforms.

 Convenience and flexibility 

If you or your child have a busy schedule during the week, we are conveniently open on Saturdays. Sessions can be rescheduled if 24 hours’ notice is given and your child’s subscription can easily be upgraded or downgraded.

 Your peace of mind 

Your child’s learning and welfare will be in very capable hands; all of our staff are DBS checked and have undergone child welfare training; each centre is Ofsted registered.

 Personalised tuition

Small group tuition is centred around a group of maximum 6 pupils of similar learning needs, rather than a class of 30 pupils. The tutors will acquire a deep understanding of each child’s learning style and what motivates them.

Tax efficient fee payment

Our OFSTED registration enables you to utilise Working Tax Credits and Childcare Vouchers to help you minimize the impact of tuition cost on your income.

Continuous feedback & regular assessment                         

Assessments are an integral part of our service. Weekly lessons will continuously assess student levels and improving abilities, and your child will be formally assessed every 6 weeks. An in-depth assessment is carried out every term (12 weeks), which will provide a formal progress report to be discussed during your termly parent meeting.

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