Science Tutors

The Service

Why science tuition can accelerate your child’s education

Our science tuition is a comprehensive course that includes three main disciplines, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our Physics, Chemistry, and Biology tutors have professional backgrounds in these disciplines and will offer your child the expertise they need to improve and progress.

What do our science tutors have to offer?

Understanding the specific needs of your child is at the core of what we do. This allows us to assess in depth your child’s needs to then be able to match them with the right tutor for their personality and learning style.

We have Physics, Biology and Chemistry tutors who cover syllabuses from key stages 1&2 through to  key stages 3, 4 & 5. The initial stages of private tutoring in science aims to build up a solid platform and basic understanding in order to be able to build from there.

Our science tutors can work on specific or multiple disciplines depending on your child’s needs and can prepare them for  regular assessments in school and all major examinations  such as GCSEs and A/AS levels. Termly reports will be available that inform you of their progression and the areas still with room for improvement for the subsequent terms.

At a higher level all disciplines become more advanced. Should your son or daughter like to pursue one of the sciences in further education, we have the means and the experience to ensure we have the right tutors to accommodate this.

We use the most up to date resources and online learning technology from market leading educational companies.

Where is our Science tutoring service available?

Should your child need basic tutoring in all the sciences at key stages 1 and 2, or a more advanced programme for GCSE, AS/A-level examinations or University, we have centres in Liverpool and Carshalton to cater for either. Take a look at our three types of tutoring, One-To-One & Small Group tuition here. Our centres are Ofsted registered and the staff are DBS checked and trained in child safeguarding.