One-to-One Tuition

The Service

Quality tuition in the comfort of your home

Accelerate Learning’s one-to-one tuition is a bespoke service offering your child a personalised, high quality educational experience in the comfort of your home that is second to none in the UK market.

Guaranteed results for your specific needs

Whether it is for exams and revision techniques, building confidence and accelerating the learning process, or supporting students that are falling behind, our one-to-one tutoring will deliver outstanding results.

Outstanding service

An Accelerate consultant will come out to your home and assess your child’s requirements. The tutor we will assign will suit your child’s needs, personality, and learning style, and you will be given progress updates at the end of every session.


The Tutors

At Accelerate we hand pick the most talented tutors and match them to your child based on their skill-set, personality and aptitude. We ensure that the match is perfect from the outset by meeting the family and assessing your expectations from our tutors.

Before joining Accelerate each tutor must complete a rigorous application process, including essential background checks (Enhanced DBS, verifying qualifications and collecting references) and undergo an induction period during which their teaching ability is carefully assessed to ensure they are competent, academically capable and, most importantly, inspiring teachers.

Whereas other tuition agencies only require proof of qualifications, we believe it is only by seeing our tutors in action that we can be confident they can deliver the high standards our clients expect.

All our tutors benefit from on-going training and development which ensures the quality of our service to you improves all the time. Lessons are regularly monitored through our regular performance surveys and you are given feedback after every session.


The Benefits

Personalised tuition

At Accelerate Learning we appreciate that every child’s learning style is different. We take the time to understand what motivates your child and design lessons that will ignite their passion for learning.

Reduced pressure on parents

Parents with busy schedules don’t always have the time or knowledge to help children with academic work. Having a private tutor enables a parent to focus on encouraging progress.

Flexibility and convenience

If you have a busy schedule, our private tutors are flexible and convenient. You can decide how often you want your child’s tutoring sessions and change them in due course.

Extra review & homework help

Our tutors will always help your child review the areas in which they may be struggling and assist them in completing homework. Your child’s homework will no longer be a stressful chore and will be transformed into a highly effective learning experience.

Detailed marking, continuous feedback & regular assessment

The detailed marking and feedback that is regularly provided is the key to accelerated learning and improved progress. Your child will be assessed regularly (every 6 weeks), and every session will have a built in assessment element.

Improved grades and increased confidence & motivation 

Improvements in performance and test results will hugely increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem which will give them the extra motivation and belief they need to be able to constantly strive for success in their studies.

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